Your anti-wrinkle injection FAQS, answered!

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Your anti-wrinkle injection FAQS, answered!

Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging, with our anti-wrinkle injections …. Anti-wrinkle injections are often referred to as the liquid facelift as they are an effective non-surgical and safe alternative than going under the knife. At GMC Cosmedical in Sydney we believe that educating our…

Facing the facts: Debunking the top dermal filler myths

Dermal fillers are becoming an increasingly popular cost effective treatment for those looking restore that naturally youthful appearance they once had. However, here at GMC Cosmedical in Sydney, we find that many patients are confused by the amount of misleading information circulating regarding the outcomes of dermal filler treatment.  We…

A non-surgical nose job? Yes it’s possible and available here at GMC Cosmedical

Although many of us may be unhappy with the way our nose is shaped positioned, or unhappy with its size, many of us simply live with it because we don't want to undergo invasive surgery. The good news is, that non-surgical rhinoplasty does actually exist. It is safe, extremely effective…

Who is that Old Person in the Mirror? Leading Causes for Wrinkles

If you still feel like your in your twenties but your reflection doesn’t quite match, cosmetic surgery might be the be the solution for you… Wrinkles are creases, folds or ridges in the skin and most commonly, wrinkles appear as we get older, however often wrinkles can develop earlier in…

Start removing unwanted hair this summer season

At our GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics with our team of cosmetic professionals and laser physicians here at Randwick and Campbelltown, we are changing the way you remove unwanted hair in time to hit the beach this summer. Forget about constant shaving or painful waxing, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and lasers can…

3 Non-surgical Ways Cosmetic Medicine Can Help You

Forget the Knife, the Pain and the Downtime with Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine Non-surgical treatments have risen in popularity over the last couple of years. This is due, in part, to more and more people becoming aware of the availability and success of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. At GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics…

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics

Sculpture your nose within a 15 minute time frame with our non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure A beautifully shaped nose can make you appear more elegant and refined. While there are many shapes and sizes of desired nose shapes, the ‘perfect’ nose is referred to by most patients as one that doesn’t…

Benefits of keeping your natural hair with GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics

Lots of us take our healthy heads of hair for granted however there are a lot of people who aren't so lucky, that's why GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics are here to help Do you avoid dying your hair or wearing hats because you're afraid of losing even one strand of…

Keep your skin youthful with these easy tips

As we age it becomes more difficult to retain beautiful smooth skin, turn back the hands of time with these simple tricks… Whether you're up against creases or spots, doctors all agree that retaining a youthful image begins with sunblock. As aging is seriously impacted by the amount of sun-damage…

Are you tired of looking tired?

Even if you are well-rested, wrinkles and lines can give you a permanently tired appearance… As we age, the quality of our skin can deteriorate leading to an aged looking appearance that can leave us looking tired and even angry to those around us. At our GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics…

Gain that Facelift without Surgery with GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics!

A revolutionary new procedure sees the end of painful and agonising facelifts A new procedure utilised by GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics in his cosmetic and laser clinic sees the demise of the traditional facelift! Gain a more youthful looking face without the surgery, cutting, stitching or scarring in only 30-60 minutes!…

Expert mole removal with GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics

Do your moles leave you feeling insecure? GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics can help! Moles are small growths that appear on your skin and can leave you feeling unattractive or hinder your daily life. Usually an unsightly brown or black colour, moles can appear anywhere on your body either singularly or in…

Rid yourself of tired eyes with natural replacement therapy

When you look in the mirror do you constantly appear tired due to dark shadows under the eyes? Are you fed up of that drawn, gaunt look taking away from the gleam of your eyes? Get rid of under-eye dark lines and hollows with natural replacement therapy. Restore fullness with…

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