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Capillary Removal Sydney NSW

Say goodbye to broken capillaries

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At GMC Cosmedical your unsightly and broken capillaries can be removed from the face, neck, and chest with special lasers and Broad Band Light (BBL) Systems or by injections.

The formation of visible capillaries or rosacea can be seen as red spots on the face, neck and chest. The conditions are often brought about by the combination of heredity (family history, fair skin) and sun damage caused by excessive exposure in years past. This is why it is seen more commonly on sun exposed areas such as the face, sides of the neck and the V-area of the chest in fair skinned individuals (although it may occur in olive-complexioned individuals less commonly) who have a family history of one or both parents with the same or similar.

What causes capillaries?

The capillary blood vessels lie in the deeper layer of the skin (called the Dermis) where collagen and elastin fibres also exist to give support and strength to the skin structure. However, under the influence of chronic exposure to UV (Ultraviolet) radiation from the sun, the capillary vessel walls are damaged and weakened. The collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis are broken down with consequent loss of support function. These factors allow the capillary vessels to dilate (open up) and become visible from the surface.

capillaries infograph

What can be done?

With the advances in laser and Broad Band Light (BBL) technology, it is now a relatively simple procedure to remove these unwanted vessels making the treatment quicker, more comfortable, and safer. When a pulse of laser light is applied to the capillaries, it will instantly heat them up to a point where the vessel wall is damaged and causes them to close down altogether. The capillary vessels then break down and are absorbed by the body, causing them to disappear permanently without a trace.

A similar result can be achieved by injection treatment of larger capillaries. However, injection of very fine capillaries is not possible; making laser and BBL treatment the preferred option in most cases (except for the legs where injections still give the best results).

How many treatments will I need?

Lasers can treat a lot of capillaries very quickly; an entire affected area is treated in each session. Usually, 1 to 4 sessions will be needed to clear the area. There will generally be some redness and possibly some swelling of the treated area. This may last for a few hours or more than a day before settling without any residual marks. Make-up can be worn soon afterwards if required.

Results & Side effects of rosacea (facial redness) treatment

Capillary Removal Sydney

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