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IV Wellness Infusions Sydney NSW

Improve your health and well-being from the inside out.

An IV (Intravenous) Wellness Infusion is a ‘take time out’ 45-minute treatment, or a 15-20 minute ‘express’ treatment, where an individually formulated IV infusion combining minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients is administered directly into your bloodstream – making them immediately available for your body to use.

How does an IV Wellness Infusion work?

Our bodies often don’t receive all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients through diet alone. Either the food we eat is absent in the minerals already, or the foods we eat get heated destroying valuable vitamins (for example vitamin C), or we are simply unable to process or absorb them.

Supplements taken orally often lose their efficacy when a percentage of the vitamins are destroyed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Complementary vitamins and minerals also need to be present in order for our bodies to absorb them. Stress is also a contributing factor to our body’s ability to process nutrients. By receiving your nutrients intravenously, you ensure that the nutrients are available for your body to use immediately.

Who should have an IV Wellness Infusion?

There is a myriad of reasons that we need supplemented nutrients. Generally, our body tells us if it needs supplementation through feeling run down, tired, getting illnesses more often than usual, or through tired looking skin, hair and nails. This rundown feeling may be chronic and have built up over time, or it could be acute, where you feel like you’ve suddenly lost your energy.

An IV Wellness Infusion may also relieve migraines and the nausea they can cause, stiffness in the body and brain fog or lack of clarity.

It also a great pre-travel treatment for you to feel energised as well as ward off illnesses that a lowered immune system can make you more susceptible to.

Which infusion should I have?

Your GMC IV Wellness Infusion specialist will consult with you regarding your symptoms and confirm if an infusion could help. Your infusion will be customised to relieve your specific symptoms.

How long do the positive effects last?

Depending on your initial overall wellness, the noticeable effects can last up to two to seven days, however, the underlying health benefits can continue well after that. Your skin and nail condition will take longer to show results, but these results will also last longer as the body draws on the newly available nutrients to repair the body’s cells.

Some clients will plan a series of infusions, over a few weeks in order to give the body a chance to continue to absorb these available nutrients.

IV Wellness Infusions Sydney

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