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leg vein removal Sydney NSW

A non-surgical procedure to remove your leg veins

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Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure commonly performed for the treatment of capillary, spider and varicose veins. It is carried out by injecting a sclerosing solution into the vein causing it to shut down. The vein then gradually dissolves and disappears.

Compression stockings are used to keep pressure on the area to produce a better result and to increase comfort for the patient. You need to wear these without removing them for one to two weeks depending on the size of the veins being treated.

The benefits of Sclerotherapy

Varicose veins occur for a number of reasons leaving unsightly veins running up your legs. With this treatment the effects of varicose veins can be reduced immensely. This particular therapy is used as a primary treatment for many practices because of its simplicity and effectiveness among the following benefits including:

  • Non-surgical
  • Quick and easy (can be done in 15-20 minutes depending on the treatments area)
  • Simple recovery
  • Reduction of varicose veins
  • Can help reduce the aching and discomfort from severe varicose veins

How long will this treatment take?

The number of treatments required varies from person to person according to the extent of the problem. Usually around four treatments (two on each leg) are needed but sometimes only one or two treatment sessions are necessary in milder cases. You will not need time off work other than for the treatment appointment. You should not undergo any strenuous exercise or travel for long periods by car or flights for at least the first forty eight hours to prevent blood clots. You are encouraged to walk about freely after the treatment. Medicare will pay a small rebate for treatment of varicose veins but not for spider and capillary veins as these are considered to need cosmetic treatment. Private health funds do not cover these treatments.

Are there ever any complications?

Sclerotherapy is very effective and there is a very high satisfaction rate. Treated veins generally do not come back but new veins may develop over time as this is genetically determined and is influenced by factors such as pregnancy and how much you are on your feet each day. Complications are uncommon, the most common one being some bruising or staining at the injection site. These usually disappear over a number of weeks or months. Some patients develop a reddish flare of very fine veins as a result of sclerotherapy. This flare will usually fade with time but in a very few cases, it may remain permanently. Often it may be removed by laser treatment.

Sclerotherapy Sydney

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