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A facelift in a syringe

by Madeline Calfas

Ageing is a subtle thing that can sneak up on us seemingly overnight! We see the obvious signs of ageing – namely wrinkles, but there are other, less obvious signs that influence just how old we look, thanks to biology.

While wrinkles can feel like they appeared out of nowhere (when did those crow’s feet take hold?), one major factor that affects how old we look is volume.

As we age, we start to lose volume in our skin (like a deflating balloon!). When this volume decreases in our face, it can result in hollow cheeks, a hollowing under the eyes, a rounder looking jawline, thinner lips and a hollowing of the temples. Because this happens gradually you can feel like you look older, but may find it hard to pin down what is actually making you look and feel this way.

This is where dermal fillers, and an experienced injector, can help. Often used as a way of plumping up wrinkles we often overlook the other applications that a dermal filler can be used to make us look more youthful.

We’re used to thinking of dermal fillers for lips. Far from giving you a ‘trout pout’, the filler can actually be applied subtly into the lip area for shape, or into vertical lines to reduce them. When we also subtly treat other areas of the face, rather than just isolating one area, and having it look out of place, we can achieve a more balanced, and overall youthful, appearance. There’s no point having the lips of a 20-year-old with the eyes of an ‘over forty-year-old’!

Now you’re wondering where these other areas are? The best way to think about this is when we use makeup to make us look fresher. Darker colours recede, while lighter colours advance, so if we apply lighter concealer under our eyes, it gives the illusion of that area coming forward (instead of a darker, sunken in look). We use darker powder under our cheekbones and lighter blush on our cheekbones to enhance them and bring them out.

All these effects can be achieved through fillers, where instead of just colouring our skin with makeup, we actually fill the areas so they don’t create a shadow in the first place.

If we fill out under your eyes (we call these tear troughs) we can blend the under eye line hollow with the rest of your cheek. When used to fill out your jawline, you can achieve fuller, softer and natural looking lines.

Speaking of natural, most dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, an acid which occurs naturally in our skin. Like collagen, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases in our bodies as we get older. Because hyaluronic acid attracts water, it creates plumpness in our skin. The less hyaluronic acid we have, the less plumpness is seen in our face. And yes, resulting in sunken hollows, wrinkles and an overall ageing effect.

The hyaluronic acid dermal fillers (and most other quality dermal fillers) do get reabsorbed back into our body, so the effects of any fillers will also diminish over time. This can be anywhere between three months and two years, depending on the filler used and area treated, so you will need to repeat the treatment.

If you are feeling like there is more to feeling old than just wrinkles, talk to us to see how we can help you feel younger.

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