A non-surgical nose job? Yes it’s possible and available here at GMC Cosmedical

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A non-surgical nose job? Yes it’s possible and available here at GMC Cosmedical

Although many of us may be unhappy with the way our nose is shaped positioned, or unhappy with its size, many of us simply live with it because we don’t want to undergo invasive surgery. The good news is, that non-surgical rhinoplasty does actually exist.

It is safe, extremely effective at treating bumps and other irregularities on the nose, it can be less painful than traditional methods and is available here at GMC Cosmedical in Randwick in Campbelltown.

We want you to shine and stand tall with confidence and we understand the importance of how your appearance can make you feel, how much it can affect your personality and ultimately, your lifestyle.

Our highly experienced doctors and physicians have been performing state-of-the-art procedures for over 20 years and have treated a variety of patients with non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct concerns about the appearance of their nose. Each patient has their own individual concerns they wish to address and correct, such as a bump on the bridge of the nose, a flat nose, or to reshape the tip of their nose.

Facial Symmetry holds the key…

The nose is a central focal point of the face to which our eyes are naturally drawn, and has an impact on facial harmony and attractiveness. Your nose is an outstanding feature for all to see, if the shape and size of our nose is disproportionate to the rest of our face then the relative attractiveness of our face is affected and this will impact upon our self-image and self-consciousness.

What types of problems can you correct with a non-surgical nose job?

Bumps and irregularities of shape occur not only up and down the length of the nose, but also from side to side, impacting the symmetry of the nose and making the nose appear crooked or bent to one side, or even accentuating the tip of the nose making it look more rounded or bulbous. Sometimes, the nostrils may be too ‘open’ or high, displaying too much of the nasal cavity.

At GMC Cosmedical we can help level these bumps, indentations and irregularities by filling them with dermal fillers. We can also help even out the contours and symmetry of the nose to make it look straighter from both the front and the side. Dermal fillers can also take the emphasis off the tip of the nose or the nostrils.

What down time is involved and is there any side effects?

Usually there is no down-time at all. This can be a lunch-time procedure which takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes to perform, results will be seen immediately, and what’s more you can go straight back to work afterwards. There will be minimal swelling and in very few cases, slight bruising. Reactions to these natural products are exceedingly uncommon.

How long does it last and how much does it cost?

For the first treatment our extremely experienced physicians will use a reversible product so that patients can see the end result and be certain that they are happy with it. We can then continue to put in the same product once a year or opt for a longer-lasting product. Prices range from $440, making it a very cost-effective procedure which is simple and safe.

At GMC Cosmedical in Randwick and Campbelltown our clinics offer the advanced technology and experience required to produce satisfying results for you. In addition to non-surgical rhinoplasty, we have a wide range of cosmetic procedures available; including laser treatment for photo rejuvenation, facial skin resurfacing, removal of capillaries and pigmentation, wrinkle smoothing injections, permanent hair removal, among many others.


If you are considering non-surgical rhinoplasty, or would like to book a consultation with us to find out how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 04 4627 2000.

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