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Don’t sweat it this summer

Embarrassing sweat marks, particularly under our arms, can knock the confidence of the best of us. Picture this – you’re in a meeting and raise your hand, only to catch a glimpse of dark circles under your arms. You immediately put your hand down, now red-faced, thinking of the fastest way to exit the meeting. And the more you stress about it, the more those circles grow! You’ve just fallen prey to hyperhidrosis!

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is when you perspire more than usual, particularly under your arms, and usually in stressful situations – those times when you most want to impress or keep your cool). Most people don’t realise that there is a way to decrease dramatically, if not completely, this confidence-knocking condition, using anti-wrinkle injectables (yes, seriously!)

This condition can be triggered by excessive heat but is often brought about by emotions such as stress. It most commonly affects the underarms or hands, which is interesting as the underarms, for example, only account for two percent of our body’s sweat glands. Which goes to show that temperature will mostly have nothing to do with the onset of hyperhidrosis. But the more we stress about sweating, the more we do sweat.

Regardless of the reason why, excessive perspiration can be embarrassing in social situations and can have practical consequences as well, making it hard to hold a pen or grip a car steering wheel, in the case of hyperhidrosis occurring in the hands.

We’ve treated many patients through the use of anti-wrinkle injectables. These muscle relaxants are also effective for blocking the chemical messengers to the sweat glands, turning off that glands ability to produce sweat. The injectables are placed very shallowly under the skin where it stays put, making it effective for both underarms and less ‘fleshy’ areas such as hands feet and facial areas. As mentioned, because the areas only account for a small percentage of the sweat glands that make up our body, it doesn’t affect the bodies ability to cool itself down, overall and it’s been shown that compensatory sweating on other parts of the body doesn’t occur (sweating in other areas to make up for the lack of excessive sweating in the treated area).

What you need to know about treating hyperhidrosis with anti-wrinkle injectables

The area is injected with many shallow injections around the site, ensuring the area is completely treated. As with injectables for preventing wrinkles, the injections start working straight away, but most people find they stop perspiring after two to four days.

The treatment has been proven to cause an 82 – 87 % decrease in sweating to the treated area, meaning sweating is mostly inhibited or at the least, reduced to a very manageable rate. The injectables last between 4 – 12 months but in some cases, studies found last up to 14 months. Your symptoms will decrease gradually, and reoccur gradually, so we recommend a retreatment as you start to see the signs of hyperhidrosis come back.

Ensure the treatment is effective by having it done professionally

Injectables should only ever be done by a trained, qualified practitioner, and this treatment is no exception. The treatment involves multiple injections of tiny amounts of the anti-wrinkle solution in the right dosage, placement and depth and so it goes without saying that someone trained and practised in the treatment does the injecting.

The cost depends on the size of the area and how much product is required to adequately treat that area. It’s worthwhile talking to your insurance provider to see if hyperhidrosis is covered in your policy.


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