The inside scoop on anti-wrinkle injectables

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The inside scoop on anti-wrinkle injectables

by Madeline Calfas

I was talking with a client last week who was having her first anti-wrinkle injectables treatment. Though she called it the ‘B’ word, I told her we actually use a different brand, but it’s the same idea. Kind of like inline skates versus Rollerblades. Or is it?

So here’s the rub. The brand of injectable that one clinic uses is not necessarily the same as another. This may be well and good when you’re buying something measured in the metric system (a litre of milk, for example), but not every brand uses the same ‘measure’ of a unit.

Now for a fun fact:
Fun Fact (here it comes)

Did you know that anti-wrinkle injectables (which I’m going to call “AWI’s” from herein, and do us both a favour) are prescribed as a powder?

There, did I knock your socks off? What this means is that it’s at the discretion of the physician as to how it’s used for the treatment of different areas and problems. (The AWI powder is mixed into a solution with saline, by the way, in case you were wondering.)

My point is that these variables combined mean that, both the number of units required to treat an area and the longevity of that treatment, need to be considered before you start shopping around for prices.

The final variable to add to the mix is the skill of your injector. As I explained to this new client, muscles come in pairs of opposing antagonistic muscles. As one contracts, the other one relaxes. It’s essential your injector understands these and places the AWI at the right place to make sure one doesn’t get missed and cause one muscle to win the push and pull fight, resulting in an odd expression and an unnatural wrinkle occurrence.

My advice is to not take a stab in the dark with someone who may well just do that but to choose an injector and clinic that has been recommended first hand by someone who is happy with their results (or whose results you are happy with).


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