Tired of looking tired?

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Tired of looking tired?

Do your eyes look tired even when you’re not?
Are you hiding dark circles under your make-up?
Do your eyes appear Puffy” or have “bags under them”
Did you know there is a safe, effective, long lasting solution to these problems?

Age is no barrier

It’s not only age that can cause us to lose volume and plumpness in the under eye area and make our “bags” suddenly appear. In fact, many young people also experience shadowing ( dark circles) and hollowness due to hereditary factors.

Whichever category you fall into the effect is the same. Eyes that appear tired and dull.
It’s time to wake your eyes up, 

It’s time to look as alive as you feel

GMCs Tear Trough correction

As the pioneer of tear trough correction, Dr Calfas and GMCs team of clinicians, successfully perform hundreds of tear trough corrections each year.

A picture says a thousand words, check out some of the before and after shots in the GMC photo gallery. See why experience matters.

The team at GMC will make your treatment seem as easy as 1,2,3.

Using a dermal filler to provide natural replacement therapy, the team can create “instant gratification”. Successfully restoring volume, minimising dark circles and concealing the ‘bags’.

Each patient needs can vary greatly. Some may need just one treatment whilst others may need two or three. What you are left with are eyes that look healthy, refreshed and bright.

Let GMC put those bags in the bin
Keep your eyes popping!

Maintenance is easy, generally a small ” top up” treatment is all that’s required every 1-2 years, sometimes longer. 

If you think it’s time to Bin Your Bags, or you’d like to talk to us about the treatment, contact us.

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