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A lip lift that fits your style

What I love about living in 2017 is that fashion trends are not just limited to what you wear. With cosmetic treatments like microblading for eyebrows and lip vamp lifts for lips, you can wake up with your personal style already in place!

But let’s talk about lips. Back in the mid 90’s the only thing you could do to your lips, enhancement-wise, was to sport a trout pout. Think Pamela Anderson with her implanted chest and her larger than life lips. But like fashion, this ‘I’ve had work’ look is best left in the 90’s.

Now that our fashion trends are more refined, and techniques have come along a few decades, we can enhance lips without them appearing ‘implanted’. A lip vamp lift is all about you and how much lift you want.

You control the lift!

Most people want to achieve a ‘wow’ look and not a ‘holy cow’ one so it’s about the look you want. Just as a hair colour can be anything from natural enhancement to a blue balayage, a lip vamp lift can be as obvious as you want it to be.

And it’s not permanent! Again, like a hair colouring treatments, the effect will fade with time, so when the trends change, or you just want a change, then you can!

How to achieve a balanced ‘statement’ look with your lip vamp lift

There are many tricks that you can use to either emphasise a part of your face or to take the attention off it. It’s nice to mix it up – one day it’s all about smokey eyes, then next it’s about dramatic lips. One thing that never changes with fashion is about achieving balance with your look.

When we talk about achieving balance with a lip vamp lift we mean that you can have fuller lips but without them always being the focus of attention. For example, you can have a medium ‘is something different about you?’ lift, then really make it noticeable with a statement lipstick for Friday night. Or you could tone down the colour, and therefore your lips, for the workday.

This is the beauty of a lip vamp lift, you choose the lift based on how much focus you want to draw to your lips, even on the days when you’re not wearing lipstick.

A playful lip lift

A lip vamp lift is designed to be fun, variable and playful. Sometimes you want to create more drama, or sometimes to be a bit more subtle. We find once someone has had a lip vamp lift for the first time they find a point where they prefer less of a lift (after a month and the lift starts to fade), or they choose to have a little more, as they love the attention their lips get. We encourage our clients to take a selfie of their lips at the stage where they feel the happiest with them (even if it’s straight after the lip before the swelling from the treatment goes down!) so the next time we can use that as a reference. Some of our clients bring in a photo of their desired lips for advice on how that would look on them.

So let’s vamp up your style and lift those lips.

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