Are you looking for an experienced Cosmetic Physician in Sydney?

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Are you looking for an experienced Cosmetic Physician in Sydney?

Dr Calfas has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery at GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinic located in Campbelltown and Randwick | Cosmetic Surgeon Sydney

In a city bustling with glamour and class, it’s no secret that the desire to enhance one’s persona is in high demand. Here at our two cosmetic surgeries in Sydney’s Campbelltown and Randwick, we pride ourselves on providing modern cosmetic treatment options carried out by experienced experts.

Meet Dr George M Calfas and Madeline Calfas, the father and daughter behind GMC Cosmedical

How do you feel about your natural beauty? Choosing the right aesthetic treatment for you is a very important personal decision that is always worth doing a little research. With a variety of treatments designed to enrich body, face and hair concerns, here at GMC Cosmedical we work together to provide treatment plans perfectly tailored to suit each person’s unique needs and desires. Physician

Dr George Calfas

Dr George M Calfas, Madeline Calfas, GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Cosmetic Surgeon Sydney, Cosmetic Surgery Sydney, experienced cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic medicineAs a qualified medical practitioner that has over 30 years of experience, Dr George Calfas is personally responsible for performing the invasive cosmetic treatments for our patients.

As a founding member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia and of the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine amongst other associations, Dr Calfas works diligently to keep up to date with all the latest treatments and strives to uphold his reputation as an internationally recognised cosmetic physician .

Madeline Calfas

Are you in need of a cosmetic physician that is not only a registered nurse but has advanced Dr Calfas has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery at GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinic located in Campbelltown and Randwick | Cosmetic Surgeon Sydneydiplomas in naturopathy, nutrition and western herbal medicine? Madeline Calfas, the talented daughter of Dr George Calfas, has dedicated her career to providing outstanding treatments and other services to our clients.

By continuing education in the field of cosmetic medicine, Madeline takes time to ensure you will have all the information you need and are completely comfortable with every aspect of your treatment prior to commencing your treatment plan.

Combining cutting edge technology with tested treatments and experienced practitioners at GMC Cosmedical

Our treatment programs cover everything from patient education to physician consultations, treatment and post treatment care. With a plethora of treatment options for your face, body and hair, our helpful team will work with you to ensure you are completely informed on any risks associated with your treatment.

What different treatment options do we offer?


Are you looking to slim down your stomach or perhaps de-vein those thighs? Here at GMC Cosmedical we can provide a range of treatments to help you smooth out your imperfections on your body.


For those looking for a simple skin peel to reinvigorate the look of their skin, through to those who want a full face lift, our experienced team can help you to redefine and rejuvenate their face with proven cosmetic treatments.


Baldness or excessive hair can be a problem for many individuals. GMC Cosmedical has performed successful hair regrowth treatments for both men and women, with a satisfaction rate of around 90%. Looking to reduce hair instead? With a range of different technologies for permanent hair reduction, we pride ourselves on ensuring our patients have access to the most appropriate hair removal treatment plan to suit their unique skin type.

Get to know our Sydney Cosmetic Physician, Registered Nurse and the rest of the team at GMC Cosmedical

During your consultation, we will guide you through the treatment and also outline any appropriate pain relief options available and even anxiety relief for those who need it. For more information on the treatments available at our Randwick and Campbelltown clinics, book a consultation with our friendly team today.

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