Are your eyelids smudging your makeup?

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Are your eyelids smudging your makeup?

I thought that smudged eyeshadow was just a fact of getting older. You know, when your eye makeup looks perfect when you first apply it but, wait ten minutes and it’s smeared like a windscreen after one of those windscreen cleaner guys at the lights has taken to it with a squeegee!

My eyelids were starting to sag and fold, and with the loss of the defined eyelid crease, my eye makeup was getting harder to apply and then smudged when I did apply it.

That’s when I realised I should have an upper eyelid blepharoplasty –  A walk-in, walk-out procedure that we do in the clinic which tidied up my eyelids. For the recovery, I just hid my eyes behind some sunnies for the following week.

Thank goodness there is a walk in, walk out treatment that can be performed in the clinic. Upper eye blepharoplasty is a minor cosmetic procedure that can dramatically improve this tired, droopy appearance. Our patients are genuinely delighted even immediately post-treatment, and most can’t believe they can see their eyelids again!

The ‘upper blepharoplasty’ is often called an ‘upper eye lift’, though the lid is not actually lifted, in fact, the excess upper lid is actually removed. The ‘lift’ as actually more the appearance that your eyes have been lifted in a more youthful way (the opposite of drooping).

What does the treatment involve?

Dr George first carefully maps out the desired amount of excess skin to be removed to ensure the most effective and symmetrical result possible. The patient is given a local anaesthetic before the procedure before Dr George removes the excess skin, excess fat deposits (if any) and he may remove some muscle, before using a few small stitches just below the surface of the skin.

The treatment is a walk in, walk out treatment – which means the patients don’t get ‘put under’ general anaesthetic and it’s performed in one of our clinics.

Many patients combine this treatment with additional treatments such as a brow lift to eliminate their drooping eyebrows, and dermal fillers to treat their crow’s feet.

You can learn more about an upper eyelid blepharoplasty on our website.

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