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Non surgical rhinoplasty Sydney

Non surgical rhinoplasty Sydney from GMC Cosmetic Medical Clinics with 2 surgeries in Randwick and Campbelltown, Sydney

At GMC Cosmedical at our Randwick and Campbelltown surgeries, Non-surgical rhinoplasty in Sydney is the use of different types of fillers to realign and correct the contours of the nose.

The “non-surgical nose job” uses a dermal filler to soften, shape and straighten an individual’s nose without needing to go under the knife. Here in Sydney there is a huge demand for this type of procedure because most people are very reluctant to undergo surgery. Non surgical rhinoplasty offers a medical alternative to regular rhinoplasty.

How does adding volume to the nose make the nose look smaller?

The answer is when you are assessing a nose, it’s generally not so much the size but the shape that is noticeable. The person may have a small nose with a significant bump on it or a deviation to the right or some other imperfection. If you can take away these deviations or if you can straighten the nose by contouring it with fillers you actually improve the appearance of the nose and take the emphasis away from it.

When will I see results from my Non surgical rhinoplasty treatment?

The effects of the treatment are immediate. You can come in have the treatment and 15 minutes later you can walk out with your new nose.

Are there side effects?

Side effects are very few.  Occasionally there will be a little bit of swelling or bruising but the majority of patients can just go back to their daily routine after treatment.

When would Non surgical rhinoplasty not be appropriate here in Sydney?

There are a few cases where the treatment is not appropriate. Situations where there is an exceedingly large nose and contouring really cannot be done; this nose will need a reduction. The majority of what patient’s believe to be large noses we can treat significantly and reduce the impact.

Non surgical rhinoplasty for Asian noses

Asian noses with a flat bridge or a broad nose can be very significantly improved. There is a big demand and the procedure is simple, safer, quicker and easier than having surgery where by cartilage or bone is grafted to the nose.

Non surgical rhinoplasty to correct surgical rhinoplasty

Post-surgical rhinoplasty may be necessary after surgery if the patient feels as if their nose isn’t exactly how they wanted it to look or occasionally the nose is over-resected. Over-resected is where too much tissue or bone may have been removed. In these situations the patient may feel as if it needs to be corrected. Non surgical rhinoplasty is correction by fillers rather than going back and having a secondary surgical procedure.

Non surgical Rhinoplasty Sydney

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How do you feel about your nose? Rather than undergo costly surgery, contact our friendly team at one of our GMC Cosmedical Clinics either in Campbelltown or Randwick. Book a consultation for non surgical rhinoplasty here in Sydney to find out more about cost and longevity of the treatment today.

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