Have you tried our highly-effective Microhydrabrasion treatment?

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Have you tried our highly-effective Microhydrabrasion treatment?

The products we use as part of our daily routines, like make-up, sunscreen and moisturiser settle in the skin and clog the pores. Daily cleansing and exfoliation work to clean the surface of the skin, but it doesn’t get deep down into the pores to remove congestion. Microhydrabrasion is a unique way to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin, giving you skin to love.

If any of the following skin conditions are getting you down, microhydrabrasion is for you:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Dull, lifeless skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Open pores
  • Scarring
  • Congestion & blackheads
  • Fine lines & wrinkles

Microhydrabrasion is a gentle treatment for achieving a deep cleanse and exfoliation and removing the congestion from your pores. With just one treatment, you can benefit from smoother, suppler skin and enjoy the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.

What’s the difference between Microhydrabrasion and Microdermabrasion?

For patients with highly sensitive skin prone to dryness, microhydrabrasion is a gentler option than microdermabrasion. Microhydrabrasion incorporates a highly hydrating element into the treatment, using a water system to deeply cleanse and exfoliate and aloe to cool and soothe the skin. The gentle nature of the treatment means recovery is much quicker than microdermabrasion, which can cause redness and slight irritation.

What can I expect from my Microhydrabrasion treatment?

The treatment includes two rounds of exfoliation. Firstly, a diamond tip exfoliating head is used to dry exfoliate the skin. The dry exfoliation treatment is then followed by a wet exfoliation treatment. Here, a machine called a minivac is used. It shoots water into the skin and sucks it back up again, taking with it blackheads, dead skin cells and other debris that clog the pores. This process deeply cleans the pores, removing congestion and promoting healing properties, while simultaneously hydrating and soothing the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

Microhydrabrasion treatments can help achieve a naturally beautiful complexion. Multiple treatments are encouraged for maximum benefit and results with elastin and collagen regeneration. However, in just one treatment, you will still see fresher, smoother skin and fewer break outs. Ask your therapist to recommend a treatment plan to effectively address your concerns and achieve the results you desire.

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If you could benefit from fewer blemishes, smaller pores and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, contact GMC Cosmedical to find out more about Microhydrabrasion or to book an appointment.

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