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DR GEORGE CALFAS             

Case Study – Erbium Laser Resurface 

This case presentation is of a sixty-eight-year-old female, Mrs. S, who presented to our Cosmetic Clinic requesting a “new face”. She had lost thirty kilos through stress and her face was looking gaunt; her face was also heavily lined and sun-damaged. She was quite an anxious person, and this combined with the other factors were contributing to her low self-esteem. She attended to have something done to make herself feel and look better. She had not had any dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections.

Mrs. S attended to discuss a facelift, as that’s what she felt she needed.

Mrs. S presented with heavily sun-damaged skin. There was evidence of repeated sun exposure and UV damage with premature photoaging of the skin presenting as loss of elasticity and support of the dermis (Solar Elastosis), multiple actinic/solar keratosis (Sun Spots) which are considered potentially pre-malignant lesions, and pigmentation changes (Dyspigmentation). Generally, her skin was coarse with thickened top layers (dead cell layer, or “Stratum Corneum”) that really needed to be stripped back to a healthier skin layer. Loss of subcutaneous fat exacerbates the presentation. This is evident in the pre-operative photos.

The most appropriate course for Mrs. S with her skin at presentation was a laser resurfacing, which could then be followed up with dermal fillers to replace the loss of volume. A facelift would certainly have stretched the skin but this would not address her skin issues and was not considered the most appropriate procedure for her as with this procedure she possibly could end up with ‘sweep’ lines across the face as the skin texture was poor with little elasticity and flexibility. Dermal fillers would definitely help with the loss of volume, but it was Mrs. S’s skin that was the initial and most significant concern.

Laser resurfacing is an extremely effective means of rejuvenating the facial skin and was the best option in this case for removal of her rhytids (facial lines), pigmentation and sun damage. We employ the Erbium:YAG laser for this purpose and achieve exceptional results with it. It produces its energy in the mid-infrared invisible light spectrum and achieves more precise tissue ablation (removal) with less collateral tissue heating and damage than any other resurfacing laser. It has a predictable penetration level and multiple passes can be achieved easily and cleanly allowing precise control of the ablation. With this method, the results can be very long-lasting (usually in excess of ten years) or permanent!

Mrs. S was counseled as to the peri-operative requirements of this procedure. The risks, benefits and possible complications were explained and the patient consented to the procedure being performed under intramuscular sedation and a series of anesthetic blocks to achieve complete anesthesia of the entire face.  Post-operatively the patient took anti-viral medication, kept the area lubricated and applied a topical silver cream to protect against infection. She encountered no postoperative complications. The discomfort after this procedure is of short duration and minimal, patients most often reporting a stinging sensation likened to sunburn in the first one to two days, requiring simple analgesia such as paracetamol or ibuprofen only. There is no further pain beyond that.

By one week the skin has re-epithelialised, and by two weeks the normal erythema seen in the post-operative course starts to settle. By three weeks the patient was able to start re-applying her make-up to her new face. Tissue fillers (Hyaluronic) were then used to volumise her midface and provide a softer more relaxed and younger appearance.

As you can see from the pre and post photos she has had an amazing result, one that no facelift could have ever given her. The Erbium:YAG laser resurfacing was without a doubt the most appropriate procedure for this patient. It has removed a significant proportion of her rhytids, sun damage and pigmentation and has also provided a notable amount of skin tightening and rejuvenation. And you can see the change in her posture and facial expression reflecting an improvement in her self esteem.

The patient has been delighted with the outcome, and she has been happy to have her photos displayed and discuss her procedure with other patients. Many of our other patients have been suitably impressed with her outcome as well.

Patient Testimonial 

Hi, my name is Patricia Stevens and I would like to share my story with Dr. George Calfas.
From my first appointment with Dr. George, my life has changed, I had very bad skin and I was thinking of having a facelift.

The staff were so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I met with Dr. George and he patiently explained to me that a facelift was not my solution.
He suggested a process called Erbium Laser Resurfacing and after thinking about it for a while I decided this was the way to go for me.

On my surgery day, the staff put numbing cream on my face and I also had mild anesthetic, I felt nothing during the procedure, no pain at all. I had a comfortable night. The next couple of days not so comfortable but nothing a jar of Vaseline didn’t fix, as long as I kept my part of treatment going there weren’t any problems. I was always reassured if I needed to talk to Dr. George he was available 24/7 for me.

My follow up appointments were a pleasure, being reassured everything was going well. I also had a session under the heat lamp, which was very soothing. All went well and after a few weeks, I had a new face. My laser treatment went so well it was much more than I had anticipated. So VOILA I felt youthful again! I didn’t have to feel embarrassed going places doing things and I had so many compliments I was in awe.

Dr. George and his team were so united in my treatments, I can’t thank them enough.
There was no pain and very little downtime.

So if you want to look younger and have smooth skin like me do not hesitate to contact Dr George as he is a miracle worker.

Thank you Dr. George, Madeline, Maree, Jasmine, Emma, and Helen xx


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