The non-surgical nose job

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The non-surgical nose job

A nose job (what’s referred to as ‘rhinoplasty’ in the surgical world) used to involve going under the knife of a plastic surgeon. The downsides to surgery include cost, recovery time and any associated risk with having a surgical procedure.

We have a technique that we’ve been using for many years which can change the look of your nose in just twenty to thirty minutes, using dermal fillers to balance out the shape of your nose. This allows you to skip the ‘surgical’ part, and go straight to the ‘wow’.

These are the same fillers that we’d used to plump out lips and cheeks but used to even out unflattering curves, bumps and lumps that are making your nose look ‘off’. Ironically enough you’re technically having your nose made (slightly) bigger, by filling in the dips in your profile, but in smoothing it out your nose will look smaller (I’m not kidding!).

As with everything in the world of the cosmetic treatment it really is down to the injector. The product needs to be applied carefully. It’s not like getting a flu jab, the filler needs to be injected in small amounts and in multiple areas for the most effective results. You wouldn’t want to get this procedure from someone you don’t know, or who’s had little experience in this type of injectable application.

Here are some other things to know, when it comes to fillers and The Nose.

It doesn’t need to be permanent

As with all fillers, depending on the type of filler used can result in short-term or permanent results. If you’re not sure about the procedure or want to get a feel for what it will be like on your face, dissolvable fillers can be used that will last around six months (for example) and can be reversed by being dissolved.

It can be done on your lunch break

The procedure only takes 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the amount of filler being used. Which means you can get it done, then go back to work. Though, as with any injectable, you may want to take the day off in case you get any redness and look slightly Rudolph-esque.

It can treat a droopy nose tip

So there was no polite way to word that, but filler can be applied to lift the end of the nose. It can also correct a slightly crooked nose, by balancing out the other side.

Overall, ‘beauty’ is about balance. We’re programmed to notice things that are not symmetrical and the subtlest of changes can make a huge difference to the way we look, and ultimately the way we feel. That’s why we love this treatment so much, as it allows for the smallest of changes without drastic surgery.

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