Spotlight on sun spots

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Spotlight on sun spots

Close up of skin showing sun damage

Summer is just around the corner. Maybe it’s the thought of baring our shoulders again but it’s definitely the time of year when we get loads questions about sun spots, freckles and general sun damage.

The Australian sun is both a blessing (think, long warm days and beautiful sunshine) and a curse (more time in the sun means more damage to our skin). With GMC’s state of the art skin rejuvenation equipment and treatments, we can address all of your sun damage concerns. Reducing the visible signs such as brown and age spots, freckles and even lines and wrinkles, you’ll be left with clearer, fresher and smoother skin.

In particular, our Sciton Profile laser enables us to accurately tailor the depth and effect of a treatment to your own skin conditions and colouring, removing fine layers of the surface of the skin, until the visual damage is cleared.

The laser treatment is not just for faces. Think of the places the sun naturally hits, or areas exposed to the sun most often – shoulders, hands and upper chest all show sunspots first.

I recommend getting this treatment in winter, or well before you think wearing fewer clothes for summer (now!) because the treatment will make the pigmentation darker before they start to ‘fall off’ as the lasered tissue falls away. The downtime is about five days to one week, and you may need a follow-up treatment, so give yourself lots of time before summer.

It’s like having a fresh start this summer! Ensure you diligently apply that sunblock every day – particularly if you work outside, or sit by a window all day.

While we’re talking sun damage, the word at the back of our minds is ‘cancer’. Sun spots are different to cancers. They are a discolouration, that is, damage to the pigmentation of the skin. Skin cancers appear visually different and if you’ve ever not sure, you should always get these checked out. We can also treat actinic keratosis (pre-cancers) without you requiring surgery.

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