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Mole Removal Sydney NSW

Removing your moles quickly and effectively

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We use a laser treatment and a surgical curette procedure for moles that are raised as they can easily be removed from the skin while leaving a smooth surface behind.

A mole on your face or body can be unsightly and embarrassing especially if you are unable to conceal it. At GMC Cosmedical in Randwick and Narellan, we can help remove your unwanted moles safely and effectively. At GMC Cosmedical we use simple and safe methods under local anaesthesia (injection or cream). Depending on the mole itself, we can remove the unwanted flaw by using a curette to remove the mole surgically or by using laser which does not involve any cutting or stitching, thereby giving a cosmetically superior result.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment can be used to treat lesions such as moles, age warts or birthmarks. These lasers function as precision tools to remove tissue, minimising the damage caused to deeper and surrounding tissue. The accuracy of the laser means the mole can be removed without significant scarring or damage to the area around the mole.

Surgical Curette Treatment

A surgical curette procedure is a simple and effective treatment that can provide results with minimal scarring. For patients with darker complexions, laser removal is a more precise method and will minimise scarring and post-surgical pigmentation. However, the curette technique is often used for those moles that are raised as they can easily be lifted off the skin leaving a smooth surface behind.

During the curette procedure, patients typically experience minimal discomfort however afterwards the area is often pink in colour and can be sore. There will be a small open wound that is kept covered with an ointment and this is what aids the healing process. By keeping the wound moist and treated, you are able to avoid scaring rather than allowing a scab to form over the treated area.

Your assessment

Before the removal of your mole, we will assess the mole and your skin to determine the best treatment for your needs. We can also provide a skin cancer check to determine if you are at risk of cancer and require further treatment. Read more about our skin cancer assessments to get a better understanding of the processes and treatments required if we do detect cancer.

Mole Removal Sydney

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services may carry some risks which you can discuss with our doctor.

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