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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Sydney NSW

What? A nose job without surgery?

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The “non-surgical nose job” (or non-surgical rhinoplasty as it is known) replaces the scalpel with a needle, using a dermal filler injected in such a way as to soften, shape and straighten an individual’s nose without resorting to surgery.

Not many people are aware that the majority of bumps on the nose are easily treatable by simply adding dermal fillers to the nose, slightly filling indentations and smoothing out any bumps and irregularities. Here at GMC Cosmedical located in Randwick and Narellan, we offer these treatments for patients who would prefer a less invasive solution to the traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

Which noses can benefit from a non-surgical nose job?

The vast majority of nose irregularities are treatable with dermal fillers, including flat, bent and irregular noses as well as many bumps, humps, and dips. Noses that have a deficient bridge that requires building up can easily be improved with fillers, reducing the flat appearance of the nose and providing more shape without resorting to surgery or nasal implants.

Bumps and irregularities of shape occur not only up and down the length of the nose, but also from side to side, impacting on the symmetry of the nose and making the nose appear crooked or bent to one side, or even accentuating the tip of the nose making it look more rounded or bulbous. Sometimes the nostrils may be too ‘open’ or high, displaying too much of the nasal cavity.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty for Asian noses

How does this work?

When we level a patient’s unwanted bumps, indentations, and irregularities by filling them with a dermal filler we can even out the contours and symmetry of the nose and this will make the nose look straighter from both the front and the side as well as take the emphasis off the tip of the nose or the nostrils.

We can also reduce the appearance of a nose that appears to jut out strongly. Usually, when this occurs the junction at the top of the nose, where it meets the forehead, is too concave, creating a steeper angle here and making the nose look more prominent. By adding a small amount of dermal filler to this concavity to reduce it we can reduce the angle of the nose and its prominence. So, in fact, by adding to the nose we are able to make it appear to be smaller. It’s amazing to see the immediate effect and patients themselves are amazed at the difference it makes.

What down time is involved?

Usually, there is no down-time at all. This a true lunch-time procedure which takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes to perform, results will be seen immediately, and what’s more, you can go straight back to work! For the first treatment, we use a reversible product so that patients can see the end result and be certain that they are happy with it. They can then continue to put in the same product once a year or opt for a longer-lasting product.

Prices range from $420, making it a very cost-effective procedure which is simple and very safe.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct surgical rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Sydney

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