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Pearly Penis Papules treatment | Sydney NSW

What are Pearly Penis Papules?

This is a benign and harmless condition affecting up to 10-30% of young males in some studies and is only significant because they cause a lot of anxiety to the young men and often their partners.

They are not caused by infection, disease or poor hygiene and are not sexually transmitted nor can they be transmitted to others. They are considered to be a variant of normal.

Characteristically, they are clusters of small rounded or elongated skin coloured papules (bumps) distributed in rows along the corona of the glans (head) of the penis. They do not normally go away on their own although their appearance may reduce with age.

How can I treat/remove them?

Treatment is not necessary but, because they cause a lot of stress we do remove them quite simply and painlessly. In our clinics, we find the best and safest removal method is with the Erbium YAG laser which removes them quickly and completely without any scarring, and there is no pain afterwards.

Will it be painful to remove PPP?

The removal process is simple, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied for 30 minutes to numb the area and then the laser is used to vaporise and remove the papules. The removal procedure is quick, usually around 10 minutes. After removal, you will simply apply an ointment for a week until they are healed.

Normal sexual activity can be resumed once the area has fully healed.


The cost of the procedure is from $900 depending on the extent of the papules. There is no Medicare rebate for this condition.

Pearly Penis Papules removal, Sydney, NSW/

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