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PRP Therapy Sydney NSW

Repair and rejuvenate your skin

PRP treatment is used here at GMC Cosmedical in Randwick and Narellan to help repair your skin for a more youthful appearance.

The platelet rich plasma treatment uses the plasma in your blood to repair your skin. Plasma is rich in platelets which are important for clotting our blood and repairing our body. Platelets also release ‘growth factors’ which can stimulate stem cells to repair and produce new healthy tissue for the treated area. Platelet rich plasma is obtained by separating it from your blood with a centrifuge. Because your own blood is used, there is no danger of disease transmission or allergies.

The benefits of PRP treatment

This treatment is largely sought after as an alternative to traditional cosmetic treatments because it utilises your body’s own tissues as healing a solution for ageing. PRP can help with:

  • Healing of connective tissues
  • Increase tissue production
  • Support the growth of new blood vessels
  • Stimulate the healing process

How does it work?

PRP was originally used to heal injuries through the recruitment of stem cells and other healing properties, so the idea for this treatment with cosmetics is that it can do the same for ageing skin. During the treatment, our team of medical professionals will take two tubes of blood from your body to gather the components needed to produce the PRP. The preparation generally only takes about 10-15 minutes before we can use the solution to repair the treatment area.

Where can I use PRP?

We can apply the PRP treatment to pretty much any area of the face to begin the rejuvenation process. Typically we see patients seek this treatment around the eyes, cheeks, neck or jawline as these are generally the most common areas that show the signs of ageing. Because PRP uses your own blood and tissues, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are healing your body with tissue from your own body and with a minimally invasive treatment! With the PRP treatment – patients can apply makeup and return to their regular activities immediately. Patients typically notice the change within a few days after the treatment and can see results improve for some time afterwards.

PRP Therapy Sydney

For more information on our range of cosmetic treatments and services, please contact our Randwick Surgery on 02 9399 6444 or our Narellan Surgery on 02 4627 2000 or contact us online.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services may carry some risks which you can discuss with our doctor.

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