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Scar management, treatment and reduction Sydney NSW

Scar Management / Treatment and Reduction

What is a scar?

A scar is a mark left on the skin or within body tissue as a result of a wound, burn, or sore and fibrous connective tissue has developed as part of the healing process. Scars may cause a lot of distress to the person because of the appearance but also because they may interfere with function and movement as well as causing tightness, pain and itch.

What types of scarring are there?

Most scars are red and thickened at first but gradually settle down to a flatter, softer and paler state, mostly within two years. However, in a small percentage of cases the scar “over-heals” and becomes thicker and harder than usual and this may take much longer to eventually settle. This is called a hypertrophic scar.  In an even smaller percentage of cases, around 3-4%, there is a genetic defect where the healing of the scar fails to cease and the scar becomes significantly larger and harder, sometimes grossly so. This is called a keloid scar, and this scar will not improve on its own and needs to be treated.

Can you remove a scar?

Although some scars, and in particular acne scarring on the face can be partly or entirely removed most other scars elsewhere on the body cannot. However, the good news is that with medical advances in the range and types of available treatments their appearance can now usually be significantly improved with satisfying results. Results will depend on the nature of the scar, where it is located and the individual’s skin type.

What sort of treatments are available?

There is a wide range starting with natural treatments such as taking vitamin C to encourage collagen production and speed up healing,  firm tissue massage which is an effective way of decreasing scar tissue build-up and soften the scar, rubbing certain oils such as vitamin E and Bio-oil into the scar tissue, and stretching contracted scars to restore normal tissue length. These procedures, however, are not likely to be effective if the scar is more than two years old.

Other medical treatments and technologies are suitable for all scars regardless of their age. These treatments include a range of lasers and radiofrequency devices, excisions, injection therapies including steroids together with 5- FU, and biological products derived from your own tissues which aid in the healing, remodelling and softening of the scar.

What do I do next?

Because scars vary greatly a consultation is advisable so that your particular scar(s) can be properly assessed and your treatment options and expectations discussed, as well as costs involved. Because of the wide range of effective treatments available we can tailor treatment to suit each individual’s budget.

Scar Management / Treatment and Reduction, Sydney

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