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Chemical Skin Peels Sydney NSW

Freshen and enhance your skin with a chemical peel

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Deeper chemical peels are designed to remove deeper problems, including stubborn pigmentation, acne scarring and deeper sun and age damage.

Peels can range from light freshening “Beauty Flashes” that enhance the colour, texture and smoothness of your complexion, to intermediate and deeper chemical peels. Deeper chemical peels are designed to remove deeper problems including stubborn pigmentation, acne scarring and deeper sun and age damage. Here at GMC Cosmedical we offer skin peels for those patients looking to smooth, freshen and enhance their complexion.

As well as face peels we can perform peels on other parts of the body including the:

  • shoulders
  • neck
  • chest
  • back
  • arms
  • legs

Some of the common problems experienced here include dry and scaly wrinkling on the arms and legs, sunspots on the backs of hands and forearms, acne on the back and shoulders and sun damaged leathery skin across the chest.

What are the main benefits of a peel?

All of the peels we use at our Randwick and Narellan clinics are non-toxic and have additional beneficial effects on the skin. These benefits include;

  • Improved blood circulation and lymph drainage
  • Increased production of new and stronger connective tissues and elastin fibres to tighten and firm the skin
  • Increase in new and healthier cell production to replace the older and damaged skin cells
  • Brighter and clearer skin

The result is an obvious improvement in your appearance which will give a healthier and revitalised look. The treatment is also very effective in treating active acne as well as reducing chronic acne scarring. It forms an integral part of any acne treatment program to bring about rapid control in most cases and to minimise long-term complications such as scarring.

How is the treatment carried out?

A medical consultation is first carried out to detect any skin or medical conditions that may influence the safe use of the program. You will be able to discuss with the team any specific concerns or needs you may have so that your programme is tailored to consider these and other factors such as your age, skin type and degree of damage.

We start with a one or two week home treatment course of daily applications of products to prepare your skin before the application of the peeling agents for a more even and predictable effect.

Ensuring your peel best suits your needs

We offer a range of medical-grade skin peels that will differ in depth depending on your needs, available downtime, number of peels required, along with a host of other variables.

The process used is the application of a range of stronger products of medical peeling agents. This is applied directly to the skin which causes the skin to react resulting in significant peeling and shedding of deeper layers. The depth of the peel will depend upon the strength of the solution and number of layers applied as well as the method of its application (rubbing or massaging it onto the skin will make it penetrate deeper than simply brushing it on).

Skin peel aftercare

At the completion of your program you will continue on a home maintenance course using the appropriate products to maintain your improved skin appearance. Depending on your skin condition, some maintenance peels may be required at intervals to keep your skin at its optimum. It is recommended to avoid sun-exposure by wearing the appropriate protective head gear and by using a water-based broad spectrum sunscreen. Sun baking is not on! Sensible skin care can be discussed with Dr Calfas and Madeline.

Skin Peels Sydney

For more information on our range of cosmetic treatments and services, please contact our Randwick Surgery on 02 9399 6444 or our Narellan Surgery on 02 4627 2000 or contact us online.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services may carry some risks which you can discuss with our doctor.

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