Dermal fillers for tear troughs

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Dermal fillers for tear troughs

Under-eye dark lines and hollows (‘Tear Troughs’) or that ‘tired’ look

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Do you regularly get asked if you are tired or that you haven’t slept enough? A very common problem that worries many people is the tired or gaunt look caused by shadows, dark lines, creases and hollows under the eyes and patients often ask us if there is something that can be done to alleviate this problem.

Here at GMC Cosmedical we can help patients seeking treatment at our conveniently located Randwick and Narellan locations. Hollowing and creasing of this region are caused by loss of volume (loss of fullness) which is an age related feature and as such, its presence gives an aged and tired look to the face. To correct it we must restore fullness and shape in the hollowed area. This can be done safely and effectively by injecting into the area any one of the natural products that support it, but which we lose from the area with time. It is a ‘natural replacement therapy’ that uses natural fillers to restore volume and shape under the eyes which results in an immediate refreshing and rejuvenating effect to the entire face.

How is the treatment done?

This is a treatment that has been pioneered by Dr Calfas and the team here at GMC Cosmedical and has been used extensively by him in over 1000 patients. Generally, three treatments one month apart are required to progressively and accurately correct the deficiency. It is recommended not to try to complete the treatment in a single session as this reduces precision of the final result.

Most find the procedure reasonably comfortable and topical anaesthesia is not usually required, but an anaesthetic cream can be applied beforehand in sensitive patients if requested. The substances used are a natural component of our tissues and are therefore very safe and well tolerated; allergy to this treatment is exceedingly rare. Some puffiness and mild bruising of the treated area lasting a few days is possible, and so the treatment should not be performed just before an important event.

tear troughs

How long will it last?

It is very long lasting treatment! After the initial correcting course of 3 treatments is complete, it is common to require a single, small top-up treatment every 12-18 months. This makes our tear through treatment one of the most cost effective cosmetic solutions.

Dermal fillers for tear troughs

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